Deputy Director of Dept of Commerce Mr. Sun Li Visited BTL

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On Dec. 9, 2008, Deputy Director of Dept of Commerce Mr. Sun Li, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner of Lucheng District Foreign Trade & Economic Operation Bureau Mr. Wang Ye and Deputy Commissioner of Yongjia County FTEOB Mr. Tang Guangman visited and investigated BTL. The conference was hosted by Chairman of BTL Mr. Huang Shengfeng.
During the conference, Mr. Sun Li paid great attention on the product creativity of private enterprise, market supply and demand, the impact of current crisis to the enterprise. According to Chairman Huang, BTL always focuses on technical research and development and established a R&D center at the provincial level, to which BTL invests 5% of sales turnover annually as scientific research fund. There is a story before doing this. In 2004, during a bidding of a project in Nanjing, Mr. Huang noticed all the enterprises succeeded in bidding are overseas. He was shocked why no Chinese enterprise won any such bidding. After he came back, he discussed with BTL team to research and develop fully welded body ball valves which have high added value. On July 19,2005, BTL obtained the first order for fully welded body ball valves from Seattle USA. This year, BTL’s yearly production value reaches about 64 million USD up to now and it will exceed 74 million USD as predicted. From January to June of 2008, BTL’s production value increased by 68.6% over the same period of last year with increase percentage among the first of valve enterprises in China. Due to impact of financial crisis, the increase percentage during the latter half of 2008 slows down. At present, BTL is preparing for the next round of development by controlling quality, system, R&D and finance internally.
Chairman Huang introduced that BTL has established strategic cooperative partnership with CPCC (china petrolem chemical corporation)and it’s one of the 12 strategic cooperative partners of CPCC in China. BTL will focus on developing ball valve sized 48”, class 900 next. This type of valve is top advanced product internationally which may be priced over one million USD. There are only 13 pieces of such type of valves produced in China. More than 100 pieces of such valves are needed by the main pipeline of Sino-Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline and few companies in China have such production capability. BTL has the capability and confidence in bidding this international tender and to change the situation that China national key project always depends on import for a long time. Mr. Huang also noted that it will be a good market for us since the National Development and Reform Commission requests domestic products for CNPC (china national petroleum corporation)west-second-line. It is realizable for BTL to aim at production value with 150 million USD in the next 5 years.
Deputy Director Mr. Sun Li indicated that the domestic business cycle has reached a relatively adjusting period and it will be a sustaining process for the economic environment to walk out of the troughs. He holds a cautious optimistic attitude.