Mr.Jiang (The County Party Secretary) had a spring visiting to BTL

Date:2018-06-15 09:34:34 click:7743

On February 28th, the county party committee secretary Jiang Jingfeng led to BTL to carry out the New Year visit activities such as site office to resolve enterprise development difficult problem, heart-to-heart service optimization business environment, drum drive, for the enterprise to send blessings, power enterprises "good start" the Chinese New Year.

In addition,Mr.Huang,also pointed out that the industry needs the support of all kinds of talents.As the representative of the pump and valve industry, Boteli will continue to work hard to promote the integration and intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the pace of the listing, and continue to lead the industry.This year, he says, the company aims to grow by 30%.

Finally,Mr Jiang stressed that last year's impressive achievements in various fields, but at the beginning of the New Year will turn to zero, in the New Year to seize opportunities, expand innovation, show new as a new, and strive to achieve post-holiday "start", to lay a solid foundation for development throughout the year.

The development of the county and to give companies more confidence and strength, especially the functional departments at all levels should further optimize the business environment, strengthen the efficiency and level of service enterprises, to caress support enterprises bigger and stronger, with more excellent performance promote the county development by leaps and bounds.