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Paying bills and establishing health files employees health
Date: 2014/7/23   Visit: 1221

Boteli Valve Group Co.,Ltd. Organizing health examination for employees

On July 20th,Boteli Valve Group Co.,Ltd. organized the annual health examination for company employees. Over

200 front-line employees divided into two batches were included in this annual health examination.
Over ten medical staff from Wenzhou Donghua Hospital were asked to carry out health checkup within the

company for employees’ sake of convenience so that they would not have to go to the hospital themselves.

At 8:00 a.m., a mobile medical van printed “ Donghua Hospital ” arrived at company’s employees’ dorm on

time. This occupational health examination included physical examinations, blood routine tests, liver

function tests, radiology tests,electrocardiogram, chest color ultrasonography tests. In order for health

examinations to be carried out smoothly, the company did a lot of preparation work. On the one hand, the

company contacted health examination center of Wenzhou Huadong Hospital, and formulated detailed schemes and

practical plans for health examination. On the other hand, the company issued notification and matters

needing attention of health checkup in advance to employees based on their practical situations. So company

employees could prearrange their time and get health examination in batches, thus not affecting their work or

health benefits.

It is reported that Boteli Valve Group Co.,Ltd. have always shown a great concern on employees’ health and

regarded it as an important policy of the company. Through organizing annual health examinations for employee

and further enhancing their health awareness for themselves, they can have a better understanding of their

own health conditions. In this way, the company and employees together can create a healthy and harmonious

working environment, build up a safety net for healthy life and peaceful work, and ensure every employee can

totally devote himself to work with good health and energy.

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