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Japan to delay launch of lunar probe satellite
Date: 2013/3/5   Visit: 1628


TOKYO, March 31 (Xinhuanet) -- Japan will delay the plan to launchits first lunar exploration satellite this summer because valves for the orbiter’s attitude control engine have been recalled by their US manufacturer, Japan’s space exploration agency (JAXA) said Wednesday.
The launch of the LUNAR-A probe on an M-5 rocket, which has been postponed repeatedly since fiscal 1995, is now pushed back tono earlier than next year, according to the agency.

The six valves were recalled by the New York-based manufacturerMoog Inc. in January for repairs after a similar kind of valve wasfound to have caused unstable flows of fuel.

The unmanned LUNAR-A is designed to directly investigate the interior of the moon to look into its origin and evolution, instead of just geographical research on the configuration of the lunar surface, according to JAXA’s website.

JAXA said it will reconsider the launch schedules for various space projects after obtaining results on comprehensive inspections of its satellites and rockets following the failed liftoff of the H-2A rocket carrying two spy satellites last November. Enditem

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